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No one could have missed Nathan Barato in 2016. With an endless run of standout releases, an incredibly packed out global tour calendar plus his addition to Paradise Ibiza as a resident at DC10, it was definitely his year. Rounding up with the release of his and Patrick Topping’s truly outstanding Hot Creations compilation, Paradise On Earth 01 - Mexico, the stage is set for his meteoric rise to continue throughout 2017.
His latest release, the aptly titled ‘Freak Beater’ EP, maintains this promise with two killer original tracks both delivering the dance floor goods tenfold. We caught up with Nathan to chat more about himself, his musical past and his super bright future. 
Hi Nathan! Can you share with us the defining moment that led to your affirmative decision to pursue your career as a DJ?
Yeah I think pretty much the defining moment for me, that gave me one of the strongest feelings I needed to feel to have enough juice to try to turn this into something, was when I was 16 and I was DJing my high school formal. Me and my partner, Lil Tony, had 11 crates of records haha. We played everything from slow jams to house music. After playing a while I took a walk through the dance floor and it was so amazing to see everyone having so much fun. It made me feel so good. It was a feeling that I've been chasing ever since...
Last year was crazy for you! We are sure there are many highlights but if you had to tell us a couple of your favourites what would they be?
Last year was probably the craziest year of my life both in my career and in my personal life. I got married to the girl I chased for a very long time, so that was easily the best moment of the year and the first thought that comes to mind is a DC10 moment. Theres not really much to explain other than everything was just peaking 10 out of 10 levels and I was as happy as I could be.
We loved your Paradise On Earth 01 - Mexico compilation, how does it feel being a solid member of the Paradise family now and how was your first year as an Ibiza resident at DC10?
Hey thanks a lot I appreciate that a lot. It wasn't easy putting that mix together. 
My first year as a resident at DC-10 for Paradise was unreal. It was a great feeling to feel a part of the family. I love this whole crew. They’re so nice and welcoming. Everyone is very creative and inspiring. I think it's made me better at what I do.
Your latest EP release, ‘Freak Beater’, is already causing massive waves in the scene, how long has it been in the pipeline and what’s your favourite memory of playing each track out so far?
Yeah these two tracks... I made them imagining the terrace of DC10. I like to visualize the dancefloors I love when making tracks sometimes. Freaks was done in the spring and Stomp was done over over the summer. I've been playing those two every gig for six months haha, so I don't have one specific memory sorry bro.
What’s next for you this year and what do you hope to achieve by the eve of 2018?
This year is looking to be pretty crazy! Tons of festival gigs, I never really had as many as I have coming up. A lot of wicked club gigs, super typical answers in interviews and consistently high tenning everyone around me  🙌
Catch Nathan's next Paradise show when the crew hit Miami's incredible Club Space this March 23rd! Tickets are available HERE
Check out and buy Paradise On Earth 01 - Mexico HERE
Stream Freak Beater EP below via Spotify and buy the vinyl over at our music page HERE

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