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We catch up with Mikey Brain, as he launches his new t-shirt collaboration with Hot Creations.

(THOH) When did you first begin to make art and what were you first big projects? 

(MB) I have painted from a young age and was into graffiti when I was in my early teens.  I continued to paint as a hobby through my late teens and when I moved to Sweden, then slowed down for a short while on my return.  I started painting seriously in 2006 and have been selling work ever since.

(THOH) How did working with Hot Creations and The House Of Hot initially come about?

(MB) I used to hang out with Jamie over 10 years ago when he came to Birmingham, and when friends from Birmingham came to go raving in London.  We lost contact for a short time and then met again a few years ago and I told him about my art and what I was up to and vice versa.  A short while later I was asked to design 5 sleeves, and I have continued designing them ever since.

(THOH) What is the first step in the process of making a cover, what do you draw inspiration from to reach the finished product for each release?

(MB) I usually listen to the track if its available, sometimes discuss outcomes with Jamie, Lee or the artist who created the track, then think about the track tittle and any quirky connotations.  I am inspired by a wealth of different sources, from 20th century painting, pop art, anime, graffiti, fashion. Most of the Hot Creations work has a loose science fiction reference.

(THOH) How long does each piece take to complete from conception to finished product?

(MB) My work is hand crafted without using digital tools, therefore each piece takes between a full day or two to craft.  I mostly work in ink, markers, paints, spray-paint and pencil.

(THOH) Out of all the art you’ve made for Hot Creations so far which piece would you pick as your favourite cover?

(MB) I love the Luca C and Brigante piece ‘invisions’ and the Patrick Topping piece ‘boxed off’.

The Hot Creations x Mikey Brain t-shirt collaboration is out now!

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